“Massive” type shuttering for walls, tunnel shuttering

The “Massive” type shuttering for walls is a heavy type of shuttering meant for shuttering of walls in the residential and especially in the engineering construction, where there walls of big height and great concrete pressure.
The shuttering panels are self-bearing, fully metal, in several types of dimensions, which determines their great universality and repeated usage.
If the design requires it, panels of optional dimensions can be produced, specially for the concrete case.
The set of “Massive” shuttering includes angular and compensating panels, as well as additional elements like a working platform bracket, stabilizers, railing stands and others which help the easy handling and work with the shuttering. The enlargement of the panels is done by means of bolt connections or with the so called “Coupling”, which allows quick gathering or releasing of two neighboring elements.
The opposite panels are connected by means of Ф 18 tie rods, which pass though distance PVC bushings.
The concrete surface obtained with the use of the “Massive” shuttering is of very high quality, which makes it preferred for work.
The tunnel shuttering is a volumetric version of the “Massive” shuttering.
It is especially suitable for mass residential construction, building of hotels, hospitals, hostels and others or in other words of sites where there is a great repetition of one and the same elements of the building construction.
The shuttering panels for walls of the “Massive” type are combined with ceiling panels, supported by special props and motion mechanisms, which from the so called “semi-tunnels”, which in turn,  by means of fast locking devices, are united in full tunnels with a maximum depth of 10 m.
A frontal panel is used with cross walls and the spatial shuttering form thus obtained allows simultaneous concreting of walls and slabs of the building under construction, which sharply increases the speed of the construction work. The use of concrete hardening accelerators decreases the stripping term with the purpose of increasing the working cycles of the shuttering.
The metal panels give a greater smoothness of the concrete surfaces so that no additional processing is required.