Light metal shuttering for slabs, telescopic props

The basic elements of this shuttering system are modular steel panel with dimensions from 1000 x 1000 to 500 x 250 mm. As can be judged from the name, the shuttering serves for making horizontal construction elements like slabs, beams to slabs, oriels and others. The weight of the elements allows manual handling without a lifting device. The panels are propped by means of telescopic props.  
Special “horn-heads” with four points are mounted on the tops of the props and the angles of the panels step on them. The system was designed with self-bearing panels in such a way as to eliminate the bearing beam grille of longitudinal and cross profiles and to remove the subjective factor for mistakes in assembling the panels. Compensating panels are provided for achieving the exact design dimensions of the shuttered surface. Angular panels are added to the set of shuttering when needed for shuttering of beams, which allow shuttering of beams to a depth of up to 60 cm.
The separate panels are connected by means of pins and wedges. So called tripods are put to about 30% of the telescopic props for general strengthening of the support construction and safe mounting of the shuttering panels. The great universality of the shuttering, the high productivity in shuttering, as well as the possibility to be used repeatedly make it particularly attractive for constructors.
The telescopic props are undoubtedly the most frequently used shuttering element in construction.
Telescopic props with various heights and purposes, suitable for propping different construction elements are included in our production program.
The telescopic props are produced in nine types of dimensions, and the smallest is H min/H max 445/580 mm, while the biggest is H min/ H max 2600/4500 mm.
A plate or a fork is mounted on the upper part of the telescopic props depending on the needs of the constructor.