The company produces several shuttering systems for the construction of buildings and installations of monolithic iron concrete, as well as support and facade scaffolding, movable working platforms, telescopic props.  
We develop and produce, on the basis of construction plans of the customer, special shuttering for unique installations and constructions, as well as all types of metal shuttering shapes for sectional iron concrete bricks and other installations.  
Detailed technological designs and specifications for the usage of the shuttering are elaborated for all concrete assignments. All shuttering and articles are fully complete with connecting and strengthening elements, as well as elements for transportation and safety work.

1. Shuttering for slabs
• Shuttering for slabs with timber beams and wooden panels
• Light metal shuttering for slabs
• Combined shuttering for slabs

2. Shuttering for walls and columns     
• Frame steel shuttering
• Frame    aluminum   shuttering
• “ Universal ” type shuttering system
• “Massive” type shuttering for walls, tunnel shuttering
• Combined shuttering for walls

3. Facade scaffolding
• Facade frame scaffolding
• Simple Tubular Scaffolding
• Climbing scaffolding
• Mobile working platform
• Scaffolding for masonry  

4. Propping scaffolding
• Propping scaffolding 1000/1000
• Heavy supporting scaffolding
• Light supporting scaffolding

5. Special Shuttering

6. Shuttering Accessories

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