Special shuttering

The building of complex structures in the engineering, hydrotechnical and other construction is always accompanied by great difficulties, especially in the execution of the shuttering works. The special shuttering is notable for their particular complexity and accuracy in execution. It can be mentioned that exactly the capacity for the production of special shuttering distinguishes “Kofragna Technica” AD from other companies with similar production.
We have produced for special purposes shuttering for water-pressure tunnels, water-pressure towers, hollow towers  of large dimensions with capitals  for bridge structures, beams with T and I sections for bridges, special shuttering for large-size round columns, shuttering for cooling towers, shuttering for caissons, etc.

We have exported special shuttering of great complexity to Macedonia, Russia, Austria, Israel, Greece and we are executing joint projects with Japan.

The specialists of
“Kofragna Technica” AD has accumulated rich experience in designing complex shuttering and is ready to render technical assistance in their application.