Designed for any kind of shuttering, these are: bolts and nuts, connecting sections, bars and angles, tie rods with wing nuts, impact plates, R-pins, wedge clamps, moving clamps, couplers for scaffolding, etc.


They serve for: connecting the elements of the shuttering metal grid, testening the lining of waterproof plywood; connecting and aligning adjacent panels; connecting opposite shuttering panels for making shuttering forms and taking up the concrete pressure.
The coupling elements are specially constructed and manufactured to ensure fast and safe operation in repeated use.




These elements are designed for propping, checking the bob, leveling and stabilizing the shuttering panels, as well as for taking up the loading and transferring it to the already built construction elements – panels and walls.
The stabilizer verticalizes and props the panels for walls and columns.
The brackets for shuttering panels type “drawer” are fastened to the finished walls and the shuttering panel is mounted on them. They have a screw for precise leveling and for deshuttering respectively, and a roller for moving the shuttering.
The shuttering forms for panels – type “tables” and “drawers” quickly, easily and safely are deshuttered and shifted to the building site by the transport fork, having 15 kN load capacity.

For convenient and safe operation, brackets for forming a working platform and protective railings are fastened to the shuttering panels for walls and columns.









For transport the shuttering panels have transport clamps for Frame aluminum shuttering and Frame steel shuttering.












Винтовите опори са елементи на подпорното скеле, бързо и удобно позволяващи вертикализиране и хоризонтализиране на подпорната конструкция.

Вилиците монтирани върху подпорната конструкция са удобен винтов елемент за фина регулация на нивото на кофражните платна